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Type and Typographic Design with AppleScript

When Thu 11 Oct 0930
Where WK2
Who Paul Ng

To encode design concepts as algorithm not only helps us understand the essence of a design problem, it is also a highly effective way to explore the unknown possibilities beyond our imagination. Although the idea of using algorithm to create or manipulate type and typography has been around for many years as done by the collaborations between Hermann Zapf and Donald Knuth, it is still not within the reach of most of the designers. Many designers may consider that they don't have the tools to work with but in fact the tools is always available as long as one who possesses graphic software that supports AppleScript.

This workshop will teach the participants the required knowledge to generate typographic design through writing their own design algorithm with AppleScript; it will cover:

1. Introduction of design algorithm

2. Introduction of AppleScript

3. Using AppleScript to drive Adobe Creative Suite to generate design

4. Formalise design concept into design algorithm

5. Encode and visualise design algorithm with AppleScript.

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