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Its Art & Design
When Thu 11 Oct 0955
Where Presentations
Who Taro Yamamoto, Ryoko Nishizuka

Inspired by the handwriting of the famous 12th century
Japanese artist, writer, and poet, Fujiwara no Teika, and designed by Adobe's Senior Type Designer, Ryoko Nishizuka, Kazuraki ushers in a new breed of CJK fonts that are not bound by the rigid grid-like characteristics of conventional fonts. The glyphs of conventional CJK fonts are monospaced, and are usually designed to be optically-centered within a square em-box, though some may be compressed along the X- or Y-axis for special purposes, such as for use in newspapers. Some Japanese fonts have overcome this characteristic by providing alternate metrics, which really amount to pseudo proportional metrics. In other words, their glyphs were originally designed to be monospaced, but have had proportional metrics calculated and applied. By contrast, Kazuraki's glyphs, which include those for the complete set of Japanese kana syllables and punctuation, along with those for over one-thousand kanji (ideographs), are specifically designed to be fully proportional.  The extent of its proportionality extends to both writing directions: horizontal and vertical. This presentation will detail how Ryoko interpreted Fujiwara no Teika's handwriting to create the Kazuraki typeface, to include the design of special hiragana ligatures that are used only for vertical writing, how its horizontal and vertical metrics were determined, and how the data was prepared for production as a fully-functional OpenType/CFF font. This presentation is intended to serve as a design-oriented introduction to the "Kazuraki: Under The Hood" presentation.

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