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Simplified Arabic

When Fri 12 Oct 1650
Where Hotel Icon
Who Titus Nemeth

The first half of the twentieth century saw the emergence of the mechanisation of typesetting. The upheaval of the traditional methods of printing encompassed all processes of the trade and revolutionised every aspect of the printed word. Arabic typography as a fully developed craft emerged at the same time and in parallel to this evolution of printing equipment. The new devices that enabled the establishment of printed mass media, hitherto unknown in the Arabic scripted world, came at a price. Their concepts were not fully adapted to scripts other than the Latin script and compromise was commonly sought with the script, rather than the machine. In the 1950s, a radical solution to the demands of typographic composition of Arabic was found. Its name was Simplified Arabic and this talk for the first time traces its origins, elaborates on its nascency, and ponders its reverberations for the typographic image of Arabic.

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