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Note on Helvetica Thai

Loop less terminal in Thai typeface
When Fri 12 Oct 1715
Where Hotel Icon
Who Anuthin Wongsunkakon

As we are on the threshold of joining the Helvetica World family of fonts, there are a couple of issues we need to address before we can go about designing a fitting version of Helvetica Thai. The most important of these concerns the decision whether or not to go for a sans serif style – that is a Thai font without the familiar loop terminal – if we are to emulate the crisp and clean looks of the Latin Helvetica.

As we all know, a great percentage of typographers might regard the loop terminal as the defining characteristic of Thai glyphs without which they would lose their Thai identity. After all, this has been the standard design “wisdom” to follow when it comes to crafting Thai body-text glyphs. So if we are to come up with a no-loop version of Helvetica Thai, we would certainly need some good reasons for doing so.

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