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Vista sans wood type project

When Fri 12 Oct 1515
Where Hotel Icon
Who tricia treacy, Ashley John Pigford

Artists Tricia Treacy and Ashley John Pigford are the initiators of, and participants in, this creative research project that explores an intersection of typography with the traditional craft of letterpress printing and postdigital, collaborative art/design practice. Treacy and Pigford used the modern technology of a purpose-built Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) router (constructed by Pigford) to create wood type of the digital font Vista Sans™, designed by Xavier Dupré for Emigré. A set of five letters in either 30 or 42 line height, spelling “touch,” was sent to 21 international designers/artists/printmakers/studios along with paper (donated by Legion Paper of New York.) Each participant was challenged to interpret these materials as an edition of prints, reflecting the postdigital and multi-disciplinary nature of contemporary artistic practice.

In this presentation we will illustrate the process of making the type and show documentation of the whole project, including all of the 21 final prints (created in an edition of 38.) Photo and video documentation as well as creative process about the project can be found at:


Participants include: Megan Adie, Basel, Switzerland; Katie Baldwin, Aurora, NY; Kim Bentley + Kyle Van Horn, Baltimore Print Studios, Baltimore, MD; Inge Bruggeman, Chicago, IL; Macy Chadwick, Oakland, CA; Angela Driscoll + Yuka Petz, New Orleans, LA; Firecracker Press, St. Louis, MO; Rose Gridneff + Alex Cooper, London, UK; Rick Griffith, Matter, Denver, CO; Bethany Heck, Baltimore, MD; Dafi Kühne, Zürich, Switzerland; Peter Kruty + Sayre Gaydos, Peter Kruty Editions, Brooklyn, NY; Josephine McCormick, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Robin McDowell, New Hampshire; April Sheridan + Daniel Mellis, Chicago, IL; Nick Sherman, Brooklyn, NY; David Shields, Austin, TX; Ben Levitz + Sam Michales, Studio on Fire, Minneapolis, MN; David Wolske, Salt Lake City, UT; Karen Zimmermann, Tucson, AZ


Upcoming Exhibitions

April 30–August 17, 2012, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library Special Collections at Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA.

August 20-31, 2012, Belfast Print Workshop, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

October, 2012, Space, AIGA, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

TBD, Exhibition confirmed for the Type Director's Club, New York

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