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The new form of "Kana character" written in the horizontal direction

When Sat 13 Oct 0925
Where Hotel Icon
Who Tetsuya Tsukada, Yoshihide Okazawa, hidechika iijima

Japanese scripts were initially meant to be written vertically. However
today, they mostly appear horizontally - from left to right - in order
to represent on the computer screen as well as to combine with international
languages such as English.

‘Kana characters’ of Japanese lettering, in particular, were invented from
simplifying Kanji (Chinese characters), which also used to be written
vertically. Therefore, the strokes of each character show vertical movement.
‘Kana characters’ containing such inevitable strokes are set horizontally
from left to right - who could have imagined when ‘Kana characters’ were

Here, we would like to pose a question: if ‘Kana characters’ are mutating
into a new set of horizontally-written characters, what would it look like?
We would like to discover a new figure of ‘Kana characters’ especially for
horizontal writing, reviewing the origin and history of Kana from the 
perspective of its contemporary use.

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