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Typography between Chinese complex characters and Latin letters

When Sat 13 Oct 1125
Where Hotel Icon
Who Mariko Takagi

Globalization is affecting the work of designers more than ever. On the one hand, Asian designers have to address an international target group, and on the other hand Western designers have to provide design for an Asian market as well. This leads not only to weird and stereotypical ways of choosing images – but in particular will be visible in the details and quality of typographic design. In the past few years, oversea designers have been confronted with design tasks where they have to indicate Chinese text versions. A fundamental understanding and knowledge is important to be able to handle Chinese typography.

This project aims to analyze and explore different methods to bridge between Western (Alphabet based) and Chinese perception of typography. By drawing a comparison between Latin Alphabet and complex Chinese characters, this project will not only help Western designers to understand Chinese typography, but will also provide Chinese designers a close-up of Latin characters (micro typography). One leading question will be: how is it possible to convey knowledge about aesthetic principles of typography without teaching a language?

The presentation and paper is based on one ongoing research project and shows the attempt of translating visually and verbally between two writing systems.

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