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Homage to Meishuzi

When Sat 13 Oct 1555
Where Hotel Icon
Who Jiang Hua

This article  puts the Chinese modern Meishuzi into the dialogue of international typography. The author started the research from the mode of Chinese modern typography. Which kind of creative mode does Chinese typography have that is different from what the Western character should have? As one of the most basic issues of visual communication, the discussion about typography would lead to design method problem under the context of Chinese character.

Through research, the author thought the modern Meishuzi was the modern typography of Chinese style grown up in the unique social historical situation with Chinese characters as context according to its originality, design method and way of expression. It is a continuity of Chinese writing tradition and design logic in the printing era. Based on the practice, the author revalued important typography document, rediscovery the logic and mode of Chinese typography to get the concept and method of Chinese typography, through which to prove modern Meishuzi has became important design resource we cannot ignore today.

The contribution of the modern Meishuzi to the construction of modern Chinese typography knowledge and system would lead to the rethinking the unique progress of the modern Chinese typography and its modernity.

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