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Keith Tam

Keith Tam is a researcher, teacher and practitioner in typography and information design. Prior to joining the University of Reading, Keith was head of Communication Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where he also founded the Information Design Lab, a research and consultancy unit. Before that, Keith taught and practised in Vancouver, Canada. Keith’s research and pedagogy focus on the interrelationship between typography and information design, with particular interest in how people interact with and form impressions of complex documents, especially multilingual ones. Recently, Keith has been investigating how readers with varying levels of Chinese–English bilingual proficiencies use typographic cues to search for information in bilingual documents, and how patterns of bilingual typographic cues form impressions on bilingual readers. Wayfinding is another strand of Keith’s work, including wayfinding in architecture, urban space, as well as tourist information. A recent project involves the cataloguing and studying of shop signage in Hong Kong, examining the relationship between graphic language, architecture and urban space. In addition, Keith has a background and interest in calligraphy, lettering, typeface design, as well as graphic design.

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