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Crowdsourced font funding

Kickstarter’s impact on type design
When Wed 10 Oct 1020
Where Presentations
Who Thomas Phinney

Thomas believes we are witnessing the rise of a new model of funding font development, which will augment, but not replace, other approaches. In the past year, many type designers (now including himself) have tried Kickstarter to “crowdsource” font funding; we can learn from their collective experience. How does Kickstarter and its all-or-nothing funding model work? How well does it work for type design? What are the main factors in successfully funding a typeface? What proportion of type projects get funded, and what differentiates the successes from failures? How important have been the financial contributions of Google Web Fonts, and how has Kickstarter worked for proprietary (rather than open source) fonts? How will all this affect the financial and aesthetic future of type design? Thomas answers these questions with surveys, interviews, number crunching, and his own current Kickstarter font experience.

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