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How Web-based fonts and dynamic subsetting improve brand performance in East Asian writing systems

When Wed 10 Oct 1150
Where Presentations
Who Alan Tam

Dynamic subsetting is a patent-pending technology from Monotype Imaging that enables brands to improve the performance and user experience when using Web fonts. Developed initially to reduce the larger font file sizes of East Asian writing systems, dynamic subsetting automatically detects and instantly delivers the Web fonts for only the characters that are used, thus dramatically reducing font file size.
Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts can each contain thousands of characters. The average Chinese Big5 font includes 13,000 characters with a font file size of about 8MB. A Unicode 6 font has 109,449 characters and can require more than 50 MB. Dynamic subsetting typically reduces the file sizes from tens of MBs to less than 200KBs.
Dynamic subsetting is ideal for use in dynamically branded, multi-language content and mobile environments to improve the quality and experience of rich media content by delivering fonts vs. text files.

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