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Is our Sabon your Sabon?

The study of archetypes and the relevance of analogue technology in contemporary typographic education
When Thu 14 Sep 1210
Where UQAM, Cœur des sciences
Who Gloria Kondrup

Letterpress, and the teaching of setting type by hand, has moved from the “apprentice” teaching to the reacquainting of the design student with the physical dimensions of type. Does this actually inform their approach to the learning of typographic practice in current visual communication design? Or, is this largely based on the “perceived quality” of a student’s typographic understanding, realized through the handling of metal type that maintains a direct historical link with the origins of typographic history? If no longer relevant to a typographic-based design education, then what is the primary function of the analog experience?

Through examples of the work created at the Press, this discussion will present the vibrant role of Archetype Press at ArtCenter College of Design. Established in 1989, Archetype has over 2,500 drawers of European and American foundry type, wood type, and ornaments. Students, faculty, and researchers have access to these forerunners of our digital type libraries, including rare fonts that have never been digitized.

Archetype Press continues the tradition of an older—but not outdated—technology. As an experimental typographic workshop, students are challenged to expand beyond the margins of the computer screen.

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