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Pulling out of the concept "subordinate Latin"

When Thu 14 Sep 1500
Where UQAM, Cœur des sciences
Who Tetsuo Sakomura

Japanese is expressed and structured by the combination of ideograms (Chinese characters) and phonograms (Kana). This is very unique writing system compare to any other language in the world. “Latin alphabet” is a script that is familiar next to Chinese character and Kana, and it is included in many Japanese typefaces.

We would like to show you our ideas and approaches on Latin typeface in Japanese and Asian market so far and hereafter.

In Japan, the keyword “subordinate Latin type” which corresponds to Japanese type is often used. “Subordinate Latin type” is (as the naming explains itself) a particular Latin typeface which is designed on the premise to be used in Japanese/Latin mixed typesetting situation that should harmonized to its Japanese typeface. The history of “subordinate Latin type” has been together side by side with Japanese text.

However, with recent globalization, the needs for Latin alphabets have shifted from being yield to Japanese aesthetic to coexisting/harmonized with its Japanese as the frequency of use of Latin alphabets in Japan has increased and more Japanese companies are expanding business overseas than ever.

We would like to introduce some projects on Latin typefaces developed from a new perspective.

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