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Sini: Arabic calligraphic styles from the Far East

When Thu 14 Sep 1530
Where UQAM, Cœur des sciences
Who Toshi Omagari

Cultural edge cases are always a fascinating subject. At the boundary of different traditions, far from central and authoritative guidance, one can see all sorts of oddities that reflect that geographical and cultural distance, and their proximity to others. In Arabic calligraphy, not much is discussed—or even known—beyond what one could consider as the eastern end of styles.

China has its own Islamic culture, and calligraphic styles that come with it, collectively called Sini (the Arabic term for Chinese). They are diverse and each is rich and free—some of the styles one might even deem as being “wrong”. This presentation introduces the world of Sini through the pictures taken by the speaker in Chinese cities, and an experimental typeface based on the research.

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