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Detroit: A Problem Worth Having

When Thu 14 Sep 1700
Where UQAM, Cœur des sciences
Who Megan O'Connell
In Detroit, Salt & Cedar has been organically built from the ground up—one printing job, binding commission, and workshop at a time. It is a case study in the power of artistic entrepreneurship, as it sparks curiosity, invites participation, and serves various populations with the forthright messages that letterpress delivers so succinctly. There’s this sense of: “What might I do?” “What is a problem worth having?” Letterpress printing, at this point, carries a certain amount of nostalgia. But talk to anyone who does letterpress printing and they will passionately relay the amount of time it took to print one thing or another and the effort involved. Printing can be very solitary—there are plenty of people with secret, private print shops in the woods—but there are also many printers who welcome and foster the naturally convivial atmosphere that can emerge around print production. The larger sense of “culture” my shop promotes appeals to a rich and varied cross-section of residents. In an economically vulnerable, post-industrial city, it is strategic to engage beyond one’s specialization and secure a broad base of support composed of a variety of stakeholders.

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