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From stroke to screen

The future of hand-lettering in a digital world
When Thu 14 Sep 1740
Where UQAM, Cœur des sciences
Who Christopher Rouleau

Hand-lettering has re-emerged in recent years as an effective means of capturing authenticity in a world obsessed with speed, productivity, and efficiency. The revival of analog techniques (such as handwriting, chalk art, and sign painting) represents a broader interest in the atypical—the irregular, the abnormal, the imperfect—a quiet resistance against computers and machines which dominate so many aspects of our lives.

There is an inherent tension between stroke and screen, as we try to capture this raw art form within the constraints of these devices. This presents distinct challenges for a client-focused graphic designer and typographer. Is it possible to digitize hand-lettering with integrity? Can lettering be “over-digitized”? Is there value in creating—or using—hand-lettered typefaces? What are the implications for new technologies (such as apps and robotics) that can simulate a craft that is inherently human?

This presentation will use a spectrum of lettering work (from raw to refined) to explore these themes of production, manipulation, and artistic integrity in this era of analog revivalism.

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