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What am I?

The myths (and merits?) of job titles
When Fri 15 Sep 1600
Where UQAM, Cœur des sciences
Who Indra Kupferschmid, Bianca Berning, David Jonathan Ross, Elizabeth Carey Smith

In a free, unregulated profession without a formal educational track, it can be hard to decide what to call oneself. A carpenter becomes a carpenter after successfully following a carpentering apprenticeship. A medical doctor becomes a doctor after passing all their exams and intern and resident years. But when is one “allowed” to call oneself a type designer, or a type technician? What constitutes a type historian or a writer? And what if we are several of these things, and more, at different times during the week or year—and yet trained in another field?

In this participatory discussion, we will explore titles, labels, and professional definitions that are found in our industry. It is not intended to be a mere panel discussion with the participation of the panelists only. After a few words and conjectures by us (with some keywords on slides) we will open up the floor for comments and questions from everyone.

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