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Tai-Ahom and its typographic implementation

When Sat 16 Sep 1210
Where UQAM, Cœur des sciences
Who Sergio Trujillo
The Tai-Ahom script was used by the rulers of the Indian state of Assam for almost six centuries. It fell into disuse as the consequence of multiple social, cultural, religious, and political circumstances that took place during the rule of the Ahom kingdom. Continuous efforts to preserve both the Tai-Ahom script and the language have been made, culminating in the ongoing Ahom revival movement. However, there have been very few attempts to translate this writing system into type, and they all fail to address the typographic needs of the Tai-Ahom script. This work re-evaluates the typographic implementation of the Tai-Ahom script, taking historical, cultural, and technological considerations into account. It analyses the letterforms found within the manuscript tradition and compares them with the existing typographic renditions. A type design proposal will be presented with the intention to represent the script better, and serve as the foundation for future research. Further design efforts are needed for the Tai-Ahom script to develop a true typographic evolution, detached from the influence of the Latin model, and for the Ahom revival moment to fully accomplish its intended goal.

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