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Closing Keynote: The Type Boom

Closing Keynote
When Sat 16 Sep 1730
Where UQAM, Cœur des sciences
Who Roger Black

The use of fonts everywhere letterforms are needed, the demand for brand design, and the requirement for multiple-language text has led to a new age of typography. We’re in a boom, fueled by digital technology for tools as well as applications, and abetted by increasing interest in type and fonts by designers in all fields—architects, product designers, advertising art directors, and motion picture directors. As the market has expanded, designers and foundries have found ways to sell their work and make a good living.

Case in point: There are more schools teaching type design than ever in history, and designers are pouring out of them, adept at Robofont and Glyphs. Many of them seem to be finding jobs in the type business.

How can this be? Is it too good to last? How do I take part?

These are the questions Roger Black will try to answer, using his own observations and some research into the data.

Roger Black's closing keynote is sponsored by Type Network.

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