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Les Enseignistes de Montréal (The Signmakers of Montreal)

film screening
When Thu 14 Sep 1830
Where UQAM, Cœur des sciences
Who Matt Soar
A nonlinear, interactive documentary about the histories of signmaking and signmakers in Montreal. Dir. Matt Soar (2017, Canada, in French and English) Signs are all around us, but we rarely stop to think about how important they are in helping us to find our way around urban spaces, and participate in city life. Les Enseignistes de Montréal (The Signmakers of Montreal) explores this fascinating but overlooked aspect of urban culture. The film includes interviews with a veteran sign designer and a young sign painter; encounters with sign owners and collectors; visits to a neon studio and the city of Montreal’s sign fabrication shop; a tour of a permanent exhibition of signs; and, a profile of local artist Cheryl Sim, who recently re-purposed two old airport information signs for a gallery show about land rights and forced migration.

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