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Letterpress Reloaded!

International exhibition of letterpress posters celebrating ATypI São Paulo 2015 presenting the theme "Letterpress Reloaded!"

Banner for Letterpress Reloaded! exhibition, part of ATypI São Paulo 2015 

International exhibition of letterpress posters celebrating ATypI São Paulo 2015 presenting the theme "Letterpress Reloaded!"


  • Provide an overview of creative and technical resources used in contemporary letterpress printing
  • connect letterpress enthusiasts from all continents
  • display a printed sampling of wood and metal types currently preserved
  • raise the interest in this year's conference and the ATypI, distributing copies of the printed posters to the participants of the conference in São Paulo 

Venue and date

Web exhibition: ATypI website - 31 July  to 31 December 2015

Parallel exhibition to the conference: to be announced - 14–17 October 2015


The exhibition will be curated by Paulo Moretto. Paulo is an architect (1991) with a Masters (2004) in graphic design for which he researched Brazilian posters, studying more than 7,000 pieces made between 1950 and 2000s. His work focuses on visual identity, editorial, and exhibition design for cultural organisations. He has special interest in urban graphics and designed many letterpress posters. Poster design is his passion, which he professes by running workshops, curating exhibitions and creating posters, many of them already shown in international exhibitions including in Brno, Chaumont, Lahti, and Warsaw.


An open call to designers, typographers and printers inviting them to produce a letterpress poster celebrating ATypI São Paulo 2015


  • Format: A3 (A4 also accepted if you can't print on A3)
  • Paper: no limit
  • Copies: minimum of  25 
  • Number of colors: no limit
  • Required text: ATypI SÃO PAULO 2015  
  • Author credits (letterpress workshop name / designer / printer / city) to be printed either in the front or in the back of the poster

Suggested compositions:

  • a full character set of a typeface displayed in a creative way;
  • a free composition using characters, figures, ornaments, etc.



Authors’ registration (deadline: 1 June  2015): participants must complete a personal registration form on the project page stating the names of authors and his/her/their commitment to print/ship/take part in the show


Posters’ registration (deadline 15 July 2015): participants must complete a form stating specifications of each submitted poster (maximum of 03). The information will be used alongside the display of the posters, whether on the internet, the exhibition, the catalogue or other. For each poster, the participant should send a digital file by email ( or wetransfer service [ file: A4 size / 300dpi  / JPG  / RGB ]


Shipping (deadline 15 July 2015): posters (25 copies of each design) should be sent by registered mail or courier to São Paulo. The shipment must be sent with “PRINTED MATTER / NO COMMERCIAL VALUE” declared and the phrase beared on the pack. The address:

Rua Correggio 77 ap 31 - Vila Suzana
05630-020 São Paulo, SP – Brazil


  • the copies will constitute an archive and also be distributed to the participants of the ATypI Conference in São Paulo.
  • no fees charged
  • all submitted posters will take part in the web exhibition;
  • due to space availability, a selection of posters will be presented in case of an exhibition at the same venue of the ATypI Conference occurs;
  • submitting to the project constitutes acceptance of the rules and the cession of rights for reproduction of the posters on the internet, in the printed catalogue (if produced), and other means without any costs to the organizers. 

Important dates

1 May 2015 /// The call opens

1 June 2015 /// Authors’ registration deadline

15 July 2015 /// Posters’ registration and shipping deadline

15 July to 31 December 2015 /// Web exhibition

14–17 October 2015 /// ATypI Conference