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A 21st Century Typography Curriculum

When Wed 14 Oct 1010
Where Room A
What Educational
Who Simon Johnston
'Typography is the spine that runs through the body of Graphic Design practice.” -Simon Johnston. At ArtCenter College of Design, the rigorous program of typographic study reflects its importance to the core curriculum of Graphic Design. It is a complex and cumulative progression that begins with hand work, is developed through a thorough understanding of fundamental typographic skills in different contexts, and moves on to advanced transmedia digital applications. Along the way there are opportunities for students to focus on font design, writing and editorial specialization, conceptual methodologies, letterpress printing, and personal experimentation. The curriculum honors the past, trains for the present, and anticipates the future of typography across all media, in a society of rapidly changing visual communication methods. Current digital platforms alone are not necessarily adequate for the breadth and depth of formal and conceptual skills we require from a fully rounded student. For example, we recently did a full term experiment of working Unplugged at our Berlin satellite studio, working without computers and smart phones, with very interesting results. At the same time, advanced students are pushing the boundaries of how new technologies can create powerful, innovative digital communication strategies. We honor tradition but embrace change.

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