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Mapping the early history of typography in Sao Paulo city

When Thu 15 Oct 1230
Where Room A
What General
Who Priscila Farias
The history of book and newspaper publishing is a well-established research field in Brazil. Little is known, however, about the history of typography, understood as a history of the visual aspects of printed artefacts, of the agents involved in the configuration of those visual aspects, and of the social, economic and cultural networks generated by the production and circulation of such artefacts in the country. This presentation will show the methods and results of an ongoing research project, developed at the University of São Paulo, that aims to shed light on São Paulo city print culture and typographic taste in the first 100 years of printing in the city. Once no type specimen from early São Paulo city printers was ever found, the main challenge is to recreate their typographic repertoires from the newspapers, almanacs and books produced by their presses. One of the outcomes of this research effort is a website, where information on early São Paulo letterpress printers, their repertoires, and the location of their printing shops is publicly available.

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