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Funtimod: its significance as a Brazilian type foundry reconsidered

When Sat 17 Oct 1530
Where Room A
What General
Who Isabella Ribeiro Aragao, Priscila Farias
Funtimod – Fundição de Tipos Modernos (Modern Type Foundry) was the largest and first industrial scale type manufacturer in Brazil with national reach. The company, founded in 1932, is usually considered in the national psyche as the most important Brazilian type foundry of the 20th Century. However, how Brazilian was Funtimod? Seeing that the foundry used to import matrices from European countries, especially Germany, to fabricate the modern types, we tend to consider that Funtimod is far from being Brazilian at all. We are interested in knowing if the company started innovating or even originating as opposed to importing at some point of its history. Therefore, we have been tracking original sources for Funtimod’s typefaces in foreign type specimens aiming to identify the Brazilian versions and their possible adaptations; as well as comparing type specimens across Funtimod’s history looking for changes and inconsistencies. As a result, we have identified key typeface families and key characters that seem to have been a centre for adaptation. This talk proposal focuses on the relationship between Funtimod and German foundries, and the formal anomalies and peculiarities that we have discovered so far.

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