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Revisiting the onscreen page

When Sat 17 Oct 1130
Where Room A
What General
Who John D Berry
Two years ago, at ATypI in Amsterdam, I spoke about “The Onscreen Page” and the need for new tools and standards for editorial design for the digital screen. What has happened since then? What tools have been developed, what standards have been set, and how well are those standards being supported in practice? Or are we still at square one? There have been several attempts to develop flexible systems for page layout that can adapt to changing screen sizes, and to variables such as the user choosing a different font size. There have even been proposals for adapting fonts themselves on the fly for these changing conditions. Can we integrate the best of these approaches? Can an editorial designer today create a genuinely adaptive design and systematically produce readable yet flexible pages? This will be a survey of the current state of play, with a renewed argument that, for the sake of readers even more than designers, we need to aim for excellence in the design of text for onscreen reading

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