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Floris de S.Paulo

When Sat 17 Oct 1430
Where Room A
What General
Who Luc(as) De Groot
Luc(as) de Groot will present fine type between ugly extremes. He will talk about the un-doability of 32 masters. He will give a life proof of his daily fights with the grid. He will explain details of optical mathematics, providing insights into how design of letterforms – and shapes in general – works. His talk will be about very logical and very illogical phenomena. Luc(as) will touch on his Anisotropic Topology-Dependant Interpolation Theory, plus there will be fine practical examples: He will refer to Folha de S.Paulo which was (at age 30) his first printed typeface, and how it flourished. How to deal with the challenges of designing fonts for newspapers, in foreign language systems even? How about its cultural implications? What about practicability and adding some subversiveness, if necessary? How do type families grow? Follow Luc(as) from his Brazilian adventures back in 1995 to Floris and other fine font expeditions today.

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