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Designing an Energetic Typeface from Handwriting

When Sat 07 Sep 0950
Where Innovation Hall
What English
Who Ryoko Nishizuka
A regular Japanese typeface is square by nature, but handwritten characters—the kind of characters one sees in correspondence and scribbled notes—enjoy more freedom. Japanese typography evolved into a square-based system for the sake of efficiency and legibility, but the appeal of handwritten forms has never gone away; people have always tried to break the square mold. Even today, CJK type designers have to admit that monospaced typefaces are more versatile and engage in a struggle within the square, but there are new attempts to defy convention. Nishizuka Ryoko is working on a new typeface that embraces this challenge and tries to make it more energetic than ever. Through contemplating the struggle between the square box and freehand writing, the audience will, Nishizuka hopes, gain a new appreciation for Japanese letterforms.

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