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Expressing Vocal Tones through Typography

When Sat 07 Sep 1010
Where Innovation Hall
What English
Who Matthew Carter, Kunihiko Okano, Shotaro Nakano, Sakura Taruno
Letters, which broadly correspond to human sounds, serve a more ubiquitous role in communication than ever thanks to the proliferation of the web and digital devices. While letters excel at handling large amounts of information precisely, they are not particularly good at conveying the nuances of human speech, such as vocal tone or facial expression, and can thus end up delivering content in a monotonous way. The Role typeface, codeveloped by Morisawa and Matthew Carter, is a new superfamily focused on the subtle variations in vocal communication, achieved through two hundred styles sharing the same design concept. This session will look at the behind-the-scenes process of designing Role, which aims to achieve a more humanistic typographic expression.

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