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Palatino Sans Informal Ultra Light Italic
Font Palatino Sans Informal Ultra Light Italic
Submitter John D Berry
Status Accepted
Description Sans serif type family by Prof. Hermann Zapf as an extension of the Palatino idea, which was first made manifest in 1950, offering another interpretation of the sans serif genre. "Palatino Sans Informal offers designs with a somewhat individual look. An innovation to enlarge the application of a Sans. With careful little effects the letters appear to look more artistic. A novelty for a Sans to expand the versatility of a Sans serif typeface, and not looking like hundreds of other Sans around. The concept of the Palatino Sans alphabets, carefully harmonized with the Palatino nova, allows many combinations in typography, like in contrasts or in a wanted unity of a design solution. "But all alphabets of Palatino Sans are well balanced to be used not only to accompany Palatino nova or other roman faces, but also to be used in any printed material where a normal Sans serif may perhaps be too technical, like in packaging and product design, in annual reports, scientific publications, and not to be forgotten in magazine headlines. The same as in any typographic arrangement in which two different text matters should be separated or to be used in commentary notes."