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Christian le Comte

Grand Bay, Mauritius • Running for a three-year term


I am a publisher by profession and have pursued independent research in typography for more than 20 years. I have also published on the subject. 

I am aware of the administrative duties of running an association, I have presided the local publishers association for 7 years. I am also aware of what the organisation of an event such as a conference entails.

I would like to serve the board, among others, by helping out with the organisation of the annual conference.

Over the last decades typography has seen an enormous technological transformation that has made it possible for everyone to use typography directly anytime and anywhere via computers, phones, etc. But this development has not been accompanied by a typographic awareness from its users. 

My personal interest lies in raising typographic awareness in the general public and specifically in schools as typing replaces handwriting. I believe that typographic awareness begins with visual education through the practice of formal handwriting.

I also believe that literacy, which can be defined as ‘competence with a script’, in the digital age, means competence with the digital script, i.e., digital typography. I do think that ATypI has something to say about typographic literacy and that it can be instrumental to a change in education policies.

Through established relations I also think it would be possible to work together with the Frankfurt Book Fair, the biggest publishing event of the year, in order to create typographic awareness.

I would like to work for a renewed ATypI conference that showcases technical topics for specialists, but also presents at least one keynote speech about a broad contemporary and relevant subject around typography that appeals to a wide audience and could be picked up and reported by the mainstream media.

These are some of the ideas that I would propose in addition to the ordinary duties of the board.

Christian publishes illustrated non-fiction.

He has won awards such as the Prix Jean Fanchette (chaired by Nobel Prize winner J. M.

G. Le Clézio) and sponsorships from the French and Chinese governments. He has been president of the Mauritius Publishers Association and represented the German brand of educational writing instruments Lamy.

He was selected to participate in the Invitation Programme of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2012.

Christian le Comte has a keen interest in books and literacy actively engaging in lectures and other activities promoting reading, typographic awareness and handwriting.

He has written three books about letterforms: a typography manual in 2004 and a handwriting manual in 2016. His latest title combines all forms of writing into a single overarching theory that explains the shape of Latin letters.

Christian le Comte also directs films and curates exhibitions in Mauritius and abroad.

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