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Jo De Baerdemaeker

Antwerp, Belgium • Running for a two-year term


For me personally, sharing any knowledge related to the field of representing languages and (underrepresented) communities in a typographic manner to a wider audience, for which it is not always possible to access  the sources, is key. I have been an ATypI Board member from 2010, have been involved with the ATypI Country Delegates program ever since, and would like to continue to work on the ATypI Internationalization project to reach out to everyone who feels underrepresented.

Dr Jo De Baerdemaeker is an independent Belgian typeface designer and researcher. He holds an MA in Typeface Design and was awarded a PhD from the University of Reading. His interests are designing, researching and writing about world script typefaces (particularly on Tibetan, Lantsa, Mongolian and Javanese), and multilingual typography. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, and curates exhibitions on type (design) and typography.

He is elected ATypI board member and ATypI Country Delegate for Belgium, and currently teaches at LUCA School of Arts (campus Sint-Lucas Gent). He was external examiner for TypeMedia 2014 department at KABK in Den Haag, and is currently Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Royal Asiatic Society (London).

In 2012 he founded Studio Type in Antwerp (Belgium), and collaborates with international design agencies and type foundries.

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