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Linda Kudrnovská

Prague, Czech Republic • Running for a one-year term


I have been in love with ATypI for over a decade. As a freelance journalist and later as a chief editor of Typo Magazine, I have regularly covered ATypI conferences and the life of the global type community since 2005. I joined the ATypI Board of Directors in 2011 mainly to help with public relations. Four years later, with the kind support of the ATypI Board and the help and contribution of many ATypI Country Delegates and members, I managed to edit two volumes of the annual book 365typo: Stories on Type, Typography, and Graphic Design and 52typo — English and French book twins with a similar focus.

Even though the 365typo book project has run its course, my mission of informing on ATypI events and spreading general awareness of the organization continues in cooperation with a more full network of European design publications. Meanwhile, the life of the amazing type community became my life and many of the ATypI members became members of my personal type family.

I am asking to be re-elected for my final one-year term. My time with the ATypI Board will be completed at the very latest in 2021, yet I am sure my mission will continue far after. For instance with the organisation of the ATypI conference in Prague, Czech Republic, when the world gets back to its normal spinning.

My dear ATypI family, thank you for being such inspiring company throughout the past years, as I'm sure you will continue to be for years to come. I am thankful for being part of this community.

Linda Kudrnovská is a natural born critic, design writer and independent consultant. She has been the managing editor of 365typo and 52typo: Stories on type, typography and graphic design annual books and the editor-in-chief of Typo, a Prague-based magazine focused on design and typography for the past two decades and regularly contributes to a number of other European periodicals. Having studied graphic design, she graduated in Cultural Anthropology and History of Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Charles University, Prague. She takes part in both national and international design-oriented projects and juries and is (still) a proud member of the ATypI Board of Directors.

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