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Tetsuo Sakomura

Tokyo, Japan • Running for a three-year term


It is wonderful news that nominations for the ATypI Board of Directors are now open. 2012 was the first ATypI I attended and have been an enthusiast ever since. I got immediately fascinated with the event when I was servicing as an outside contractor to help Morisawa Inc who was eager to become a part of this community. After years of participation with same goal from beginning, I feel so fortunate that the door is now open and I get a chance to run for the ATypI Board of Directors.

After joining Morisawa Inc. in 2016, my role has been to promote overseas business by reinforcing international outreach and partnership outside of Japan.

ATypI has been a major platform to meet the legends, geniuses, emerging new talents, new technologies, concepts, different cultures, problems which the community is facing at the moment.

Not only as an employee of an enterprise but also as a member of the community, I would like to contribute myself to maintain and develop the knowledge of ATypI and its program. Running the local team for ATypI 2019 Tokyo opened up my eyes of how to maintain and develop this essential artwork for human being, "Fonts".

I can be a cultural bridge maker, a muscle to run an event, an ambassador of ATypI within Japan and beyond.

I have a BFA from Parsons School of Design, majored in Photography. I completed two years of training at Fratelli Alinari in Firenze Italy while working as a freelance photographer. Came back to Japan in 2000 and soon after shifted my working field from photography to Italian food. Served as a hall manager in an authentic Italian restaurant in Tokyo which gained official approval from Italian government, and opened an Italian restaurant in Tokyo.


With longing to work in creative / graphic / art field, started to work for my mother Hiroko Sakomura who has been in this field for decades and was the one who introduced Matthew Carter, John Maeda and Ikko Tanaka to Morisawa Inc. As a producer of design management, I got involved with many projects collaborating with museums and galleries such as Gallery A4, Mori Art Museum and Suntory Museum. Creating educational tools related to the exhibitions, website, apps was my main role.

Also, I worked closely with local area for several revitalization projects. One distinctive project was to reuse Hagi bamboo to create modern furnitures. The project was also a cultural activity with Finnish designers and manufacturers which I learned a lot of planning, logistics, marketing, and finance.

My former boss, Hiroko had been a consultant for Morisawa Inc. from 1990's to late 2010's. She was a translator, communicator and a mediator when it comes to work internationally with graphic designers. Partly because of that, I was already a big fan of fonts and Morisawa since high school. Posters and magazine they created back then were everything for me. 

I've taken a detour, but all the experiences I gained on the way made who I am right now.