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Electing the Board

Due to the global pandemic, the election of the ATypI Board of Directors for 2020 is being held online. Voting closes at 4 December 2020, at 11:59 pm (23:59) US Eastern Standard Time (5 December, at 4:59 am GMT). You are eligible to vote if you are a paid-up member and are logged into this site.

The ATypI Board of Directors must have a minimum of 11 members and a maximum of 19 members at all times. 

All dues-paying ATypI members in good standing during the nomination period and through the election are eligible to run for a position on the board of directors. Once elected, board members must remain dues-paying members of ATypI in good standing throughout the election and their tenure.

The nomination period for this year’s cohort of board candidates ran from 1 October through 1 November 2020. Twenty-one ATypI members have nominated themselves to stand for election.

For this election, the ATypI Board has 14 open seats. The remaining five seats allowable per the ATypI bylaws are occupied by board members who have not yet completed their current terms.

Each current ATypI member in good standing is entitled to vote for a maximum of 14 of the nominees listed below. Members are not compelled to vote for 14 nominees, but may choose a lesser number to vote for.

Voting is not required of ATypI members, but it is highly encouraged to ensure that each member has a voice in choosing their elected representatives.

Members must log into their valid member accounts on the ATypI website at in order to vote. Members have only one vote during the election. A later vote from the same member account will replace the previous vote.

Since this is a competitive election, with more nominees than open seats, members should think carefully about who they choose to vote for. Members nominated are entitled to vote for themselves.

Please review the board member responsibilities outlined here

Please review the qualifications and statements of each nominee.

Then vote for a maximum of 14 nominee(s) that you feel will best represent you in a leadership role with the organisation, who represent a broad cross-section of ATypI members, and who will best further ATypI’s mission and serve an international community.

Votes will be recorded and tabulated along with all other votes. Votes will remain anonymous.

The 14 candidates receiving the most valid votes will be elected or re-elected to the ATypI Board of Directors. Results of the election will be announced at the Annual General Meeting, which will be held online on 8 December 2020, Results will also be published on this website and announced in other outlets.

Voting form

Vote here.

The candidates

Each candidate introduced here.