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Academic institutional membership

ATypI is offering a new type of membership for academic institutions, which is available for universities, colleges, and schools of design with graphic / typographic design programmes.

ATypI Membership Policy for Academic Institutions

A key part of ATypI's mission is to foster the growth of the typographic community. Education has been at the heart of this mission, and, in this spirit, we are delighted to announce the opening of membership for academic institutions and programmes focusing on type and typography.

This new membership programme is available for universities, colleges, and schools of design with graphic / typographic design programmes. Each institutional membership includes individual membership benefits for two staff members who will act as Liaisons between the member Institution and ATypI.

Membership benefits

  • The programmes/institutions are listed as institutional members of ATypI. Member institutions are entitled to use the ATypI affiliate badge on their website and in publications during any years in which the institution is a paid member of the Association in good standing.
  • Membership enables any and all academic members of the institution to apply for a discounted registration for the annual conference of the Association (this discount cannot be combined (stacked) with any other discounts or added to any complimentary registrations which the Institute might otherwise be entitled to). Discounts will not be granted retroactively.
  • Member institutions can include one piece of printed matter in the conference goodie bag. All production, shipping, and other costs of such materials are solely the responsibilty of the Institution.
  • The two named Liaison members may actively represent their Institution in the Association’s activities (e.g. for coordination of collaborative activities with the Association).
  • Liaisons may post news on the Association website regarding exhibitions, booklets, type-related events, announcements about the opening of courses or school activities, etc.
  • Liaisons are invited to take an active role in shaping the agenda of the conference’s education strand, and attend meetings and working groups that are designed to bring together type and typographic professionals and teachers.
  • Member Institutions may participate in a curated exhibition of student work, hosted within the annual conference of the Association.
  • Member Institutions get access to member discounts and benefits, as well as appropriate discounts and concessions from partner organisations in accordance with the policies of those institutions. These reciprocal benefits are available to the two named Liaison members only.
  • Member institutions may include a 150-word profile and logotype with a link and contact information in the relevant section of the ATypI website. Copy must be approved in advance by ATypI. All logo art must be provided in grayscale and colour versions, in both vector and raster formats.
  • The two Liaison members will have access to the members-only discussion list.
  • Liaison memberships are valid for the calendar year and are not transferrable.

Membership fee

The academic membership fee is $500 per year and it is based on the calendar year (January 1 through December 31). This fee includes the annual individual Association membership for the two named Liaison members.

Methods of payment

Get in touch at to discuss how we can work together and make your institution an active member of the ATypI family.