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Welcome to the Type Mark Up SIG

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Welcome to the Type Mark Up SIG

Posted by José Scaglione at August 18. 2017
Hello all,
Since the topic was originated in the ATypI members mailing list I asked Mark Barrat to help us and create a SIG that contains a forum and wiki within the ATypI website, to keep record of our discussion and shared ideas and images. If we decide so, we can always add other tools for collaboration.
This group, as any other ATypI special interest group is open to all members. I would like to encourage you all not to limit yourselves to reading posts. Participate, join in the discussion and share your ideas and experience. In the worst case scenario we shared some techniques that can trigger ideas we can use individually. In the best case scenario we can come up with a good scheme that can be somehow standardized, so people can actually read other reviewers’ marks. 
Now a few things to get started:
1. The address for the SIG is:
Note that you must be logged to the ATypI site to access this page. Here you will have access to the two basic sections of the SIG, the forum and the wiki. If you cannot access this section or cannot post in the SIG please email me at
2. Forum
Before posting a new conversation please check whether the topic is already being discussed in a thread. The forum is where we are going to share experiences and discuss what needs marking up and how to go about it.
3. Wiki
The wiki is not really a wiki but rather a place where files and pages can be posted. Once there, look for the “Add new” link in the green nav bar. There you can select to add a file or a page with information. I added the picture that was shared in the mailing list already:
If you find problems posting stuff please email me the files and I will post them for you.
4. The list of people who expressed interest in participating is below. 
If you spot that someone is missing please email me.
Albert-Jan Pool
Alessandro Colizzi
Ann Bessemans
Ben Kiel
Boril Karaivanov
Clare Bell
Domen Fras
Eben Sorkin
Fiona Ross
Gerry Leonidas
Hendrik Weber
Henning Krause
Indra Kupferschmid
Jean-Baptiste Levee
Jesús Barrientos
Jo de Baerdermaeker
John Berry
José Scaglione
Judith Aronson
Ksenya Samarskaya
Laura Meseguer
Linnea Anckers
Liron Lavi Turkenich
Luisa Baeta
Luiz Fernando Las-Casas
Maria Montes
Mark Jamra
Maxim Zhukov
Peter Bain
Rod McDonald
Sara Solskone
Sergio Trujillo
Theo Rosendorf
Tom Grace
Toshi Omagari
Veronika Burian
Victor Gaultney
Wayne Thonpson
José Scaglione

Re: Welcome to the Type Mark Up SIG

Posted by John Hudson at August 25. 2017

+ John Hudson

Re: Welcome to the Type Mark Up SIG

Posted by José Scaglione at August 28. 2017


Eleni Beveratou

Andrea Leksen

Felix Beltran

Aušra Lisauskienė

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