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Share your mark up and crits

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Share your mark up and crits

Posted by José Scaglione at August 24. 2017

Please use this thread to share images of type design crits or marks that you use in type design proofs. Note that files in the forum cannot exceed 1000Kb. You can post larger files in the wiki:


Re: Share your mark up and crits

Posted by John Hudson at August 25. 2017

I've spent most of the past 25 years only needing to provide notes for myself. This is likely to change in the near future, so I'm suddenly interested in this topic and in effective ways to communicate design suggestions to another person.

The ways in which I mark-up my own designs — so I remember what I thought I should do yesterday, which is not always what I end up doing tomorrow — tend to be very simple. I indicate the part of a printed glyph that I think needs to be revised, with either an arrow or a circle, and then indicate e.g. L (lighter) or H (heavier), or if talking about proportion W (wider) or N (narrower). In marking up my own work, that pretty much covers it: I've already got the design in my head, so I'm not needing to communicate stylistic aspects of the design.

One thing I expect will be very useful, in trying to communicate more fully with another person, is to have a set of pages specifically to receive mark-up and comments, in which glyphs are quite large and generously spaced. Even with my own limited markup, applying notes directly to specimen pages, especially for a text face, gets messy quickly, and it's also easy to miss one or other note among the jumble. So having all the notes arranged, by glyph, in a separate document seems a good idea, both in terms of clarity and making it easy to go through and decide on and check off revisions.

In terms of effective communication, I have to say that I think few things equal written language. It's quick and easy to draw some arrows and squiggles on a page, but is it ever going to be as clear as writing 'Make the bowl thinner and squarer in the lower left'? That's the sort of comment I get from Maxim when he's reviewing my Cyrillic designs, and I never have to go back and ask him what he means: it's always very clear.


I'm interested to know if anyone regularly applies markup in PDFs, and in what ways annotation tools in Acrobat, Preview, or other apps are useful or not for this purpose.


Re: Share your mark up and crits

Posted by José Scaglione at August 31. 2017

From Jean Baptiste Levee


I am uploading the rest in the wiki section.






Re: Share your mark up and crits

Posted by Eleni Beveratou at September 15. 2017

I have uploaded the ones we use in Dalton Maag as well. Shall we have a call all together soon to discuss how we want to proceed with this?

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