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ANRT, a post-master’s research programme

ANRT is a post-master’s research programme in typography based at ENSA Nancy (École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nancy) in France. The Atelier operates within the ARTEM (ARt-TEchnologies-Management) alliance as an interdisciplinary project dedicated to typographic design.

ANRT, a post-master’s research programme


The programme is open to art school graduates in visual communication and graphic design who have completed a master’s degree or equivalent (Bac +5 in France), and to designers, architects, professionals, artists, academics and even engineers or teachers who possess an equivalent level of knowledge – no age limit applies. It welcomes applicants sharing an interest in typography, editorial design, writing and text, whatever their nationality. ANRT is a place of excellence where a specific expertise in the typeface design field and in the editorial design field is developed. Its purpose is to support research projects submitted each year by applicants. These projects can be about both typeface design and editorial design.

In addition to self-initiated projects, lines of research on a more lasting basis have been defined : they result in specific research programs relating to these aspects, linked with partner institutions. These lines of research intend to :— develop typographical solutions for the needs of university research (creation of specific alphabets, stabilization of scripts or notation systems, development of typing interfaces, layout solutions)— create software-related solutions for digital transcription of early imprints (character recognition, encoding, outlines detection, design automation, responsive typography…)
The post-master’s provides an outstanding environment for developing research, with the benefit of regular supervision by leading typographic designers. Teaching staff:André Baldinger, Roxane Jubert, Jérôme Knebusch, Charles Mazé, Philippe Millot, Émilie Rigaud, Alice Savoie and Thomas Huot-Marchand (director).
The recruitment process is international and the number of places is limited to six. Each researcher receives a personal grant of €4,000 for nine months (from October to June). Four grants are allocated to individual research projects, proposed by the candidates and selected by the jury. Two grants are allocated to research programmes conducted in collaboration with partner laboratories: potential candidates are invited to express their interest when submitting their application.Call for applications is open until May 30th 2014.Applications must be submitted online at
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