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Bauertypes Bronze Sponsor

ATypI 2014 Barcelona announces its first generous sponsor Bauertypes with a level of Bronze sponsorship.

Bauertypes Bronze Sponsor

Short history of Bauer Types, SL

Bauer Types, SL is the successor of two well- known type foundries of the XX Century: Bauersche Giesserei in Frankfurt/Main – Germany (1837-1972) and Fundición Tipográfica Neufville, SA in Barcelona – Spain (1885-1995). They have both marked history in the casting of metal type for printers for more than 175 years.

In 1898, Georg Hartmann (1880-1954) took over both companies, and during his direction, by the contribution of international artists who designed typefaces, these are still popular in this new era of digital typefaces. These artists included E.R.Weiss, Ernst Schneidler, Lucian Bernhard, Elizabeth Friedlander, Heinrich Jost, Imre Reiner, Oldrit Menhart and Paul Renner, author of FUTURA. In 1927 he decided to open a branch office in New York, The Bauer Type Foundry, later called Bauer Alphabets Inc, which would introduce during the next five decades, prestigious typefaces like Bauer Bodoni, Weiss, Venus, Futura and many others into the US market. Two American designers, Howard A. Trafton and William S. Gillies, also created alphabets for Bauer.

After Georg Hartmann died in 1954, Dr Konrad Bauer and Walter Baum designed Folio, Imprimatur and Volta (Fortune) in 1957 for Bauer, as well as Adrian Frutiger’s Serifa in 1966.

Carlos Hartmann (1899-1950), son of Georg, assumed the property of Fundición Tipográfica Neufville, SA in 1922. The Company was not only the leader in typecasting in Spain, but mainly served as a provider of printing machines such as Heidelberg, Roland, Koenig & Bauer, Krause, Hoh & Hahne, Goebel, etc.

In 1963, Wolfgang Hartmann (1936) became the director of the Foundry after having worked for 5 years at Bauersche Giesserei. As the new technologies evolved, Fundición Tipográfica Neufville was able to maintain full activity by taking over the production of other European type foundries for almost 40 years. These included Fundición Tipográfica Nacional (1971), Bauersche Giesserei (1972), Fonderie Typographique Française (1974), Lettergieterij Amsterdam (1984), Ludwig & Mayer (1985), Les Fonderies Réunies de Caractères du Liban (1988).

In 1974 a branch office, Neufville France, was opened, and metal types were sold in France as well as in Tunis, Algeria and Morocco.

Since 1995 Bauer Types, SL continues to sell typefaces as an inheritor of Bauersche Giesserei and Fundición Tipográfica Neufville. In 1999 a joint venture with Visualogik bv from The Netherlands and France was established to bring to the market digital typefaces based on famous creations of the aforementioned type foundries, as well as fonts designed by contemporary artists.

In 2000 Vivian Hartmann (1969), daughter of Wolfgang,  joined Bauer Types, SL and developed sales of digital fonts in Spain, produced by international type foundries such as Monotype, Linotype, FontShop, House Industries and many others.

Vivian, the fourth generation of this family, continues to ensure that the history of Bauer is being preserved.

For more information regarding their creative output in the type industry visit