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Get your Type reviewed @ ATypI

Next Saturday at ATypI: type crit by Christian Schwartz @commercialtype, Erik van Blokland @letterror, and Gerry Leonidas @gerryleonidas. Moderated by Jan Middendorp @JanMiddendorp. Check at registration.

We have taken a suggestion and decided that indeed more Type Crit would help make the type world a better place. This is your chance to get your reviewed by the best: 10–15 min each. We probably only have room for 4-5 people, but the list will be a bit deeper in case some go quickly or some fail to arrive on time.

Bring your best sample prints, and sign up early at at registration.

Our deep thanks to Christian Schwartz, Erik van Blokland, Gerry Leonidas and Jan Middendorp for their agreement to do this in general – and especially because the suggestion and request was at the last minute.

Our thanks also to the original genius of the Type Crit at our fellow type conference TypeCon.