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Letterpress in Berlin, Barcelona!

I'll be teaching Master Classes on the Heidelberg Windmill platen press. Berlin, 10-11 September & Barcelona, 15-16 September, prior to the ATypI conference!

Letterpress in Berlin, Barcelona! Peter Fraterdeus at SlowPrint Letterpress in Dubuque (Photo by Tim Olson, Used with Permission)

Letterpress in Barcelona!

In collaboration with L'Automàtica, BunkerType and Arcangela Regis of Lauren Press, a series of letterpress workshops will be offered in parallel to the ATypI conference in Barcelona. These are not part of the conference program itself, but will take place  the days prior to the conference. (details to be announced)

I'll be teaching my Master Class on the Heidelberg Windmill at L'Automàtica, focussing on mastering the typographic impression—subtleties of ink, paper, humidity, precision and chance. Other workshops being considered include Letterpress Printmaking with Dampened Paper, and printing on the 19th C Handpress (at Lauren Press).

Please message me directly if you'd be interested in these seminars. Please follow me on Facebook to be notified of details on these and other upcoming workshops!

I'm also very pleased to be teaching my Heidelberg Windmill Master Class in Berlin, the week before the conference (Sept 10-11) at Erik Spiekermann's new letterpress studio! Details forthcoming!

All of the workshops are contingent on having enough interest to make them happen! Please indicate your interest now so we can assure that they will happen!

The Heidelberg Master Class is limited to five-six students, for two full days (probably Monday & Tuesday, 15 & 16 Sept). This is a professional level class, but no prior experience is required.

For more general information about my workshops, please see

Thanks!! See you in Barcelona!