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The Third Type Design Contest of Hanyi Font Star

The printing type culture in China, especially when concentrate in text type, which is represented by Song, Hei, Fangsongti and Kai, has experienced a long period of developments so far, and has maintained a period of stable state. However, social economy, technology and culture has been changed, and is still under changing in the new century. Correspondingly, the application environment of typeface, together with the mood and context of reading, are undergoing tremendous changes. The usage and diversity of different media, the aspirations of aesthetics, liberty and customization, become the new demands for type design. Hanyi, as the earliest professional type company in China, not only devote herself to constantly creating fine types, but also concerned about the innovative development of the type culture. The theme of the contest this year – “Innovation and Inheriting” is based on the concept of innovative design, aiming to encourage all the designers who love the types to present new design proposals of printing types, especially text types, with creativities and dreams with innovative ideas. This contest sincerely invite all of you – no matter what field of designer you are, as long as you concern about the type culture, love type design, Hanyi will appreciated your interest and participation, and would like to work with you to pursue the types that represent the dream of this era.
What Type design
When Sep 27, 2016 12:00 AM to Mar 18, 2018 12:00 AM

The Third Type Design Contest of Hanyi Font Star



Call for entries:Sep 27th, 2016 – Mar 28th, 2018

Date of Judgement: April 6th, 2018

Announcement of Awards: April 9th, 2018

Award Ceremony:April 22nd, 2018



Mr. BI Xuefeng

Professor of China Academy of Art, Associate Dean of Design Art College

Design Director of Shenzhen Imagram Design Co., Ltd

Academic Committee of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA)

A Member of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI)


Famous Japanese type designer

President of Jiyukobo Ltd

Visiting Professor, Kyoto Seika University

Mr. QI Li

Famous Chinese type designer

Chief Designer of Qihei family of Hanyi

Mr. CHEN Rong

Chief of Visual Communication and Information Depratment, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA)

Chief Creative Director of Qinwei Design 

Mr. WANG Min

Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)

Special Professor of Cheung Kong Scholar Program, Ph.D. supervisor

Mr. Sang-soo AHN

Famous Korean graphic designer

A Member of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI)

Chairman of the Seoul Design Foundation

Head of PaTI (Paju Typography Institute)

Mr. ZHU Zhiwei

Famous Chinese type designer

Artistic Consultant of Hanyi Font

Visiting Professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) 

Mr. WU Yong

A Member of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI)

Vice-chairman of AGI China

Member of Graphic Design Art Committee, China Artists Association (CAA)

Professor, Director of the Department of Graphic Design, Cheung Kong School of Art and Design 

Ms. Ma Yiyuan

Chief Operating Officer of Hanyi Font


Contest Entry Categories

Entry works should meet the basic requirements of informational communication, should not against traditional writing rules. Meaning of characters and words should be reasonably expressed, any emotional and creative expressions should be carried on base of good legibility and readability. In Chinese type design category, we encourage but not limited to new trial works having cross-style of traditional Song, Hei, Fangsong and Kai. However, the strokes of character should not be increased or decreased voluntary. Works on Chinese type design should follow stroke rules of Simplified Chinese.

Any works that using method of adding pattern, or using effect of grey-scale filling, transforming or shadows with existing typeface of computer font will not be accepted. Works should be in black and white, any work with grayscale or color will not be accepted. All the entry works should not contain any signage or commercial logo or trademarks.

All entries should be works done after March 2016.


Chinese Text Type

The entry work should meet the requirement of text composition and layout, provide good performances both in horizontal and vertical compositions, can give reader a smooth and comfortable reading experience when set by long text. Types should have overall comfort and constancy, with good glyph structure and harmonized stroke elements.

Chinese Display Type

The entry work should express emotional appeal in specific scenarios, has distinct characteristics and unique expressions, can be used as type marks and information carriers, which are different from traditional text typeface. Can be used widely in book design, advertisement, corporate VI, package, interactive design, video and animation, Internet or new media.

Latin Type

Works should be made to match Chinese typefaces in Reference List of Hanyi Fonts below, using contents of entry template and specification. If several weights exist in one type family, choose only one weight as the reference typeface. The entry work should have common specifications and features of Latin type, should also have same temperament with Chinese characters, making a consistent style to gain a harmonious, coherence performance in Chinese-Latin mixing composition.


Entry Format:

Chinese Text Type

Composition Specimen

没想到忽而一下就凉了,就如没注意秋已然渲染。 阳光浅浅洒下,没有了春日那样赶着挤着的热闹浮气,也没 了夏日那些狂热艳烈,有的只是厚实的温暖,连空气都满盈 着稳妥踏实。午后,初晴。浅浅的笑着,温和的光线,覆下来,每一寸毛孔都通透了,都暖了。这个空灵清寂的季节, 坐下来,静静地读天读地,读光阴散落。

Single Characters (84 characters with 2 Chinese punctuations)



Chinese Display Type

Composition Specimen

午后,初晴。浅浅的笑着,温和的光线,覆下来,每一寸毛孔都因此 通透了,都暖了。这个空灵清寂的季节,坐下来,静静地读天读地,读光阴散落。

Single Characters (42 characters with 2 Chinese punctuations)



Latin Type

Reference List of Hanyi Fonts


All the Hanyi fonts mentioned above can be downloaded from official site of Haiyi,

Please refer Entry Templets for Matching Contents



Any individual, group or organization working on type design or enthusiast can entry.

Entries should be original work of a legal person, or the original work of individual.

In order to encourage the applicant’s creativity, and to provide fair-play principle and opportunities, any works that have already applied or awarded in any other similar contests will be declined.

The Organizing Committee reserve the rights to judge the eligibility of entry works. The Organizing Committee have the right to disqualify the entry or award that is confirmed as against the situation mentioned in point 2 and 3 above.




A. The entry work should have no disputes on copyright or intellectual property rights. If any intellectual property rights or copyright dispute exists, the organizers have the right to cancel the entry and the applicant should bear the relevant consequences.

B. All the intellectual property rights of the first prize in each category will belong to Hanyi, and Hanyi has the right to develop it into the font products.

C. Besides the first prize, the intellectual property rights of the other awarded entries belong to the applicant, but Hanyi has the priority to develop them into font products.

D. The applicant agrees that the organizer may reasonably use the entry works, including in measures of copying, exhibiting, displaying, publishing, collecting and reporting for purposes of publicity and promotion.


2. The right of interpretation

A. The organizers reserve the right of final interpretation for any doubt arising from the events of the Hanyi Font Star.

B. Any further and unsettled affairs relating to this event shall be elaborated and explained by the organizer.

C. Other uncovered matters will be announced by the Organizer at any time on the theme page of Hanyi Font Star and the official website of Hanyi Font.



Awards in cash for each category:

First Prize: one work, with cash of RMB 20,000, with laureate trophy and certificate

Second Prize: two works, with cash of RMB 10,000, with laureate trophy and certificate

Third Prize: three works, with cash of RMB 5,000, with laureate trophy and certificate

Judge’s Prize: RMB1000 cash and certificate

Special Award: (each award will be presented with Certificate of Honor)

Nominated Award, Excellent Direction Award, Most Popular Award


Social Activities

All the award-winner will have opportunity to participate

*High-quality design platform events from Hanyi, and media coverage of front design media

*Font Star Tour and series of relevant events


Product Cooperation

All the award-winner will have opportunity to participate product development and communicate with famous design masters.



Organizer: Hanyi Font 


Design College of Central Academy of Fine Arts

Design Art College of Chinese Academy of Fine Arts 

Strategic Partners


Cooperating Organizations

Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA)

Creative Designer Salon of China

Guangzhou Graphic Design Alliance (GGDA)

Media Support

Type is Beautiful (TIB)


Designer Lujunyi



Qiushi Design



Please also check contest details via

Official Site of Font Star Contest:

Official Site of Hanyi:

Official WeChat Account of Hanyi:


Official Webo Account of Hanyi:


Tel: +86(0)10-8827 5633

Beijing Hanyi Keyin Information Technology Co., Ltd reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

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