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GlyphWiki - a Wiki-based glyph design and font production system

By Taichi Kawabata and Kamichi Koichi. Today, more than 75,000 CJK Unified/Compatibility Ideographs have been encoded in Unicode. However, there are many more such characters that have yet to be unencoded, either because they have simply not been standardized (or submitted for standardization), or because they exhibit sometimes subtle or minor glyph-design differences and are thus unified with an existing character. There is a strong demand to be able to distinguish these subtle or minor design differences. GlyphWiki, a Wiki-based collaborative glyph design system, is specifically architected to satisfy such needs. GlyphWiki enables anyone to design his/her own glyph, name it, and publish it as a TrueType font or SVG file. GlyphWiki has been used to develop the world's first font that includes glyphs for all CJK Unified/Compatibility Ideographs. This presentation will demonstrate the benefits of GlyphWiki, how it can be used to manage a large number of glyphs, and how to turn them into a fully-functional OpenType font. The accompanying paper describes GlyphWiki's architecture in detail, to include its glyph naming system, and how the features in the resulting OpenType font correspond to the Wiki-based naming schemes. From the 2012 ATypI conference in Hong Kong.

PDF document icon atypi2012_kawabata_31-07-2012.pdf — PDF document, 572 KB (586650 bytes)