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Slovenia 2012 country delegate report

This is a quick look at typographic events happening in a small country of 2 million inhabitants geographically positioned between Austria and Italy. As far as official data goes we currently have 2 members in AtypI. Report by Petra Cerne Oven


BIO 23

BIO stands for Biennial of industrial Design and it is – being established in 1964 – one of the oldest international design competitions in this part of Europe. Over the years appeared in many different shaped and sizes, and this year it comes as a curated show. It has many categories and I am pleased to announced that as part of the exhibition 3 typeface design projects will be presented: Štajn typeface (author Anže Veršnik and co-author Jure Kožuh, Grafikarna, Slovenia), Swell: A Typeface (YuJune Park and Caspar Lam, Synoptic Office, USA) and Balkan Sans (Nikola Đurek and Marija Juza, Typonine, Croatia).
The exhibition will be open from 27. 9. to 11. 11. 2012 at Grad Fužine
(Pot na Fužine 2, Ljubljana). More info:

DSS celebrations

In January 2012 The Designers Society of Slovenia (DSS) celebrated 60 years. The DSS was founded in early 50s and is the only professional association in Slovenia to unite designers from all areas of design. The society has been a full member of ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) since 1961. In 1963 the society took part in the founding congress of ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) in Bled (then Yugoslavia) and has since that been instrumental in development of design as a profession in Slovenia.

Lectures, seminars and exhibitions

Emzin workshops

The Institute for Creative Production Emzin organized two workshops. In November 2011 they invited Max Kisman (The Netherlands), Nick Bell (UK), Niels Schrader (The Netherlands) and Bojan Hadžihalilović (Bosnia and Herzegovina); and in May 2012 Gordon Young (UK), Gabriel Freeman (Spain), Alain Le Quernec (France) and Slavimir Stojanović (Serbia) were invited. Both events were well attended by the Slovene graphic design community.

In September 2012 Emzin invited Berlin based graphic designer Jianping He to give a lecture and present his work. His exhibition is open at the NLB Gallery Avla till 8th November 2012 (more:

Type design workshops and new releases

TipoRenesansa workshop

is now renamed into “TypeClinic, 5th international type design workshop”, and was held in Trenta Valley in summer 2012.

The workshop dealt with bodytext and display typefaces for print and digital usage. Participants of all levels of expertise came from all over the world to work for a week in Trenta Valley, Slovenia. The final products are typefaces with 40 characters minimum, which are later presented as a B1 poster. Participants of the 5th workshop were: Anja Schwendenwein (AUT), Diana Ovezea (ROM), Kevin van Reenen (SAR/UK), Marianne Riegelnegg (AUT), Marija Rnjak (CRO), Marijana Oršolić (AUS/SRB), Theresa Radlingmaier (AUT), Verena Manyet (AUT).

Results of 5th workshop can be seen at:

The next workshop will be held in middle of February 2013. More information can be obtained if you write to Tomato Košir, who is organizing the workshop (

TipoBrda workshop

is yet another way of enjoying type design and Slovenian geographical curiosities at the same time. TipoBrda is a workshop for “students of graphic design, typography, architecture and all the people who are somehow interested in designing typefaces” and has been for 20 years organised and mentored mainly by Lucijan Bratuš, who was in last few years joined by Domen Fras. This year’s workshop was in August. More information about the workshop can be obtained from:

Slovenian mobile company Simobil acquired a custom font called Simbl which was designed by Ermin Međeđović of Lettermin Ltd and in is use from summer 2012.

Slovenian daily Dnevnik is slowly introducing a custom font family BadNews designed by their in-house designer Samo Ačko. The project is going to be fully implemented by November 2012.


Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Textiles published a catalogue titled TIPO3 – a presentation of typefaces, designed by students in academic year 2010-2011. Their mentors were Domen Fras, Klementina Možina and Boštjan Botas Kenda.